Benefits of Boarding Schools

The demand for North American boarding school education has significantly risen in the last decade. Students from all over the world apply each year because they recognize the numerous benefits that come from attending these institutions, including:

  1. High quality education:
    1. Highly qualified, credentialed teachers
    2. Strong academic opportunities
      1. Smaller, more intimate class sizes
      2. Many teachers live on campus with the students
      3. Deeper curricula
        1. Numerous AP or other college-level courses
        2. Independent Study courses
        3. College-like course catalogs with numerous electives and off-campus learning opportunities
    3. Environment
      1. Diverse extracurricular activities
      2. Latest technology in the classroom
      3. Modern and expansive athletic facilities
      4. Specialized art, music, drama facilities including theatres and studios
  2. Preparation for life after school:
    1. Independence
    2. Sense of community
    3. Personal Growth
    4. Early exposure to postsecondary education

Admission, however, into the top boarding schools is extremely competitive. For the most elite schools, the acceptance rate falls below 15%, which is lower than the acceptance rate of most colleges.

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